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Hige Project

What is hige?

We research documents' link structure. We indexes documents' link to find document groups and document group heart (central) pages.

Hige is an acronym of `Hyperlink Indexer and Group Engine.' The Japanese word `hige' means `beard' in Japanese and it may be a symbol of Shinoda Laboratory.


Source of current hige prototype
On-line manual of hige prototype
Running example
Search Ruby's manual by hige
Search Ruby's manual by rbnamazu
Search i-mode page (in Japanese) by hige
Search i-mode page (in Japanese) by namazu


Research of WWW Link Structure for Search Engines (in Japanese)
(Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Internet Technology)
Indexing Links of Pages to Search for `Hearts' through World Wide Web
(INET2000 pre-paper)

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Ryunosuke Ohshima